Dark Coffee

Millstone Coffee Caffe Midnight 24 1.75oz Bags
Millstone Coffee Caffe Midnight

Dark coffee lovers will enjoy this unique blend of coffees from Latin America and the Islands of Indonesia, which are roasted in our Satin Dark Roast style to bring out a smooth rich flavor.

French Roast

Green Mountain Coffee French Roast 24 bags 2.2oz
This is an intense roast and the most pronounced in terms of dark, deep roasted flavor and smokiness. It’s wonderful not just for after dinner, but to add character to your own home blends as well.

Colombian Coffee

Millstone Coffee Colombian Supremo 5lb Bag of Beans
100 Percent Colombian
Coffee labeled “Colombian” guarantees 100 percent arabica coffee beans. These beans produce coffee that is full-bodied and clean tasting, with a good balance of bitter and sweet.

Hand-picked from Colombia`s mountain ranges, this classic coffee is distinguished by its full body and rich flavor.

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